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Behold the grandeur of the newly iconic duffel bag, meticulously crafted by the visionary Robbie D Love for the esteemed DLOVE #cobalt blue collection. Emanating an aura of opulence and allure, this oversized duffel bag is a testament to uncompromising luxury, assembled from premium, genuine leather to exude an air of exclusivity that is simply unparalleled.

Designed for the discerning individuals who embody an on-the-go lifestyle, this duffel bag impeccably combines functionality with unparalleled style. It stands as an epitome of practical elegance, offering ample space for models to effortlessly carry everything they need on a shoot. Whether it's for travel or for maintaining an impeccable sense of fashion on the move, this duffel bag is the definitive accessory for those who refuse to compromise on sophistication and utility.

Adorning the side of this masterful creation, the iconic DLOVE logo announces its presence with an air of regality, ensuring that every glance commands attention and admiration. Complete with a supple leather strap for ease of carrying, this duffel bag embodies the very essence of luxury, elevating every journey and every endeavor with an undeniable touch of class.

Elevate your travel experience and embrace the embodiment of exclusivity with the iconic duffel bag from DLOVE's #cobalt blue collection – where luxury meets functionality with an unapologetically stylish flair.

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